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We, at umari capital, challenge the conventional wisdom of investments. We work with clients to create a platform to inspire new value for the entire industry, or build a framework that generates new market. Traditional investment activities such as dividends and capital gains are not what we strive to achieve.

Earlier in our society, aristocrats and kings made significant investments to explorers for the discovery of a new passage to the unknown continent. Such type of investments is not for the short term profit of the business but rather to find and to create a new path into a new society. Investments in unknown territories seem to be risky but also consists of endless possibilities. Risk lies with the investor, and not with the investee.

In the modern age, an investor may choose to invest in the development of new crops and may seek to generate profit through dividends or capital gains. However, if such investor is involved in running a business in the restaurant or tourism industry, the investor can take part in an opportunity to grow its own businesses by leveraging from and creating value from its investment.

Many business executives think about starting up a new line of business for their organization, yet often there is not enough time and resources to develop, build, and establish network to successfully launch the new business.

The existing industry framework has limitations to promote the birth of new values. We must venture out from the existing field, actively interact with other industry players, and cross breed with the new industry in order to provoke innovation and generate new values.

We, at umari capital, assist our clients to develop and maintain business platforms to support new opportunities and inspire new values. We collaborate with our experienced executives to make investments to advance the whole industry and generate new values.

The discovery of the new continent was never accomplished by a single explorer. There is always a dedicated crew, engineers to build a ship that can support the long and rough journey, investors who believe in the cause, and merchants who distributes the goods discovered in the new land. Our history's greatest discoveries have often been supported by a great team. The new era begins with the work of brilliant people working together as a team and such work shall generate new values that shape the society we live in tomorrow.


Company Name : umari capital inc.
Established : March 17, 2015
Executive : CEO / Managing Partner, Hima Furuta
Capital : 50,000,000 yen
Employees : 10
Address : Roppongi Ignoppor 501
9-20 5-chome Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Tel : +81-(0)3-6434-7481
Fax : +81-(0)3-6434-7482

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